“Downsizing” in Las Vegas Tiny Homes For Sale

“Downsizing” in Las Vegas Tiny Homes For Sale.

Are you thinking of “Downsizing” in Las Vegas to a smaller home to take advantage of having more time to do all the fun things that Las Vegas and the surrounding area have to offer?

Maybe you realize you have 2 extra rooms in your home that you aren’t using anymore?

Too tired of of the maintenance of your big home?

You travel a lot so you’re not really spending that much time in your Las Vegas home?

Is your big house in Northwest Las Vegas and you want to be closer to the Las Vegas airport?

Everyone has an opinion about what size is a tiny house for them.  For some it might be 500 square feet for others it maybe 1,000 square feet.

For someone else that may be living in a 4,000 square foot home in Las Vegas, their idea of downsizing to a tiny home could mean moving into a home that is 2,500 square foot.

Whatever the case may be, here is your opportunity to view smaller Las Vegas homes.

Get the Current List now, prices from $200K TINY HOMES IN LAS VEGAS ► ►► CLICK HERE sizes may vary from about 500-1,500 square feet., call me to get on the list!

"Downsizing" in Las Vegas Tiny Homes For Sale

Are you thinking maybe I’ll just buy a Las Vegas condo and sell my big Las Vegas house?

Downsizer Friendly 2 Bedroom Condos in Las Vegas  ► ►► CLICK HERE


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Whatever size home or condo you may want to buy or sell in the Las Vegas area we can set you up on an instant search that you get an email as soon as a home/condo is listed for sale in the mls in the Las Vegas real estate market area.  You don’t even have to contact me just go to my Las Vegas Homes for sale website and signup for what you need.

REALTOR in Las Vegas to List your Las Vegas Home for sale, then contact (702) 812-4550.  You can also use the link below…..

“Downsizing” in Las Vegas Tiny Homes For Sale 

Get the list of homes for sale between $300k – $400k…..

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Search the MLS in your spare time.

“Downsizing” in Las Vegas Tiny Homes For Sale

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